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2018 - 2020      MFA in Fine Art (full-time)    Goldsmiths, University of London, UK       

2013 - 2016      MA in Fine Art (full-time)      Tunghai University, Taiwan

2007 - 2011      BA in Fine Art (full-time)       Chinese Culture University, Taiwan   



2023 Album design, Ayami Suzuki: Featherland


2021 Chan magazine

Art Talk

2020 Temporary Space Berlin, Online


2020   Taipei C̶o̶n̶temporary Art Center (36hrs of artist cinemas), Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan 

2020   TILL WE MEET AGAIN IRL, Asia-Art-Activism, London, UK

Radio Show

2020  Incantation Press Radio, London, UK & New York, US

2019  Art Licks Weekend Radio on RTM.FM (Presenting previous work T.O.M), London, UK

Group Exhibition

2022  Size variable, Online  Curated by @albertaleung )

2022  Parental Guidance, SET Lewisham, UK

2022  Chan, Hoxton books, UK

2022  Library under the Sea, curated by Care for Collective Curatorial (CCC),

2021  Ghost show, Hartslane Gallery, UK

2021  Pigeon Pavilion, Bangkok Biennial, London, UK

2019  Un_Real Desires, SomoS, Berlin, Germany

2019  Interim +, Goldsmiths University of London, London, UK

2019  Goldsmiths MFA Interim Show, Goldsmiths University of London, London, UK

2019  By the time we are gone, Safehouse 1, London, UK ( Curated by SE°111 )
2019  Uncanny Resemblance, Greenhouse, London, UK
2017  Non-pure white encounters, liáu liáu Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan
2012  Silent, Beitou District Office, Taipei, Taiwan

Solo Exhibition

2016  Split Project, Black Blank Gallery, Taiwan 

2016  Juggling, Tunghai University Art Gallery, Taiwan 

2016  口口, Tunghai No.43 Art Space, Taiwan 

2014  They all tell you, Matsu Village, Taiwan 

2014  Proverb, PiaoPiao Gallery, Taiwan 

2014  Throwing knife on you, Present Cafe, Taiwan


2016  Split Project + Your Treasure, On the road, art and ice cream on the road, Taiwan

Wu Pei Chi (b. 1989, Tainan, Taiwan)

Lives and works in London, UK 


In a way, her art practice is a smile with tears and weirdly romantic. Wu is a multidisciplinary artist, she delves into matter and images, her art-making encompasses a diverse range of materials and mediums flow between moving image, textile, performance, sound and text. 


The exploration of memory, human behaviours and quotidian details are central to her practice. Her recent work is driven by homesickness, she starts to look back at her family story and attempts to deconstruct certain unverified personal stories. Living in a foreign country, the cultural difference has been reflected in her recent works that cause her to rethink the relationship between personal history and written history. 


Wu both accepts and embraces confusion and entanglements in her narratives, allowing for fluidity and unpredictability to enable open-endedness while conveying intimate yet alienated moments between illusion and reality.  Sometimes, Wu sees herself as a storyteller that does not attempt to provide a cohesive and accessible story.

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